Who is BuildUp? A pioneer in offsite construction with a vision to reconstruct construction for good.
28 September, 2022 by
Who is BuildUp? A pioneer in offsite construction with a vision to reconstruct construction for good.
Laureen PEROT

Where do we come from?        

In 2015, inspiration struck. Building on the foundations our entrepreneurial family laid with LPW Pools, we ventured into building with light steel framing. As a spin-off of LPW Corporate, we launched beSteel.

Years flew by, machines were purchased, our in-house engineering tech team was assembled, products were developed, and off we went! Diving into the fascinating world of construction.

Fast forward to 2020 for a pioneering moment. Our first complete house rolls out of the factory. Built in one day! And with that pivotal moment, comes a new name. In the pursuit of scaling up to full offsite construction, BuildUp is born. Ready to disrupt the future of construction with passion, experience, and a talented team.

What have we done so far?

At lot can happen in 5 years. And it did. We created a ton of interesting constructions, resulting in an equal ton of experience and knowhow.

All in on BIM

The time has come for a real digital strategy for construction. It’s absolutely essential. Building Information Modeling is the backbone of this new digital era. Recording all components, time, and resources in a 5D model enables continuous data availability for all involved parties. It generates significant potential for improvement in costs, deadlines, and quality.

Track record in light steel framing

Over the last few years, we acquired deep experience and knowledge in light steel framing. Thanks to being a small family business, we can operate in a flexible and agile environment. Being a pioneer, today we position ourselves as leaders in light steel framing in the Benelux and France. With more than 500 finished projects in 6 countries to prove it.

Projects in offsite construction

Through some pilot projects in 2D panelised construction, as well as 3D volumetric modules, our team developed a deep understanding of building performances and techniques for full offsite construction. With uncovering the challenges as a key takeaway, we acquired a strong know-how in offsite construction techniques.

Project in energetic renovation

Wattrelos is welcoming us to renovate 160 homes built in 1950. The first large-scale renovation project in Europe that is part of the Energiesprong building wave, in the pursuit of CO2-neutral housing.

The project includes:

  • the insulation and airtightness of facades and roofs
  • replacement of exterior joinery
  • renovation of kitchens and bathrooms

With a promise of sustainability:

  • 100% recyclable steel
  • LEAN manufacturing minimizes waste in the factory
  • 30-year performance guarantee proves efficient use of resources
Experience in totally circular construction

And where do we go?

One house. One day. One click. That’s we are going. Building a one stop shop for construction. And when we want to get there is 2025. To deliver complete BuildUp proof living spaces.

A smooth customer experience

Everything we do is centered around our customer. To give you a complete and transparent experience from A to Z, that leaves them saying nothing less than ‘Wauw’.

And total creative freedom

Forget the old notion that prefab houses are a total eyesore. Not at BuildUp. We wouldn’t want to do this if architectural freedom wasn’t 100% guaranteed. We build pretty houses. That’s a promise.

With a lifetime guarantee

With a BuildUp house, you know the total cost of ownership. Not only for the purchase, but also maintenance and consumption of the future. And we follow up with a great maintenance service, making sure your living space will last forever.

Monitored at every moment

At BuildUp, we provide a perfect follow-up for every built space through an ingenious app. That way, we can continuously monitor the consumption and health of a house. And intervene when needed.

Sustainable in every way

Sustainability is the starting point of everything we do. Because we need to do better for the planet. From following the carbon footprint of a building in the app, to lifecycle analyses and designing for disassembly.