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Bringing a positive impact to the global humanitarian challenges through the built environment

Hélène de Troostembergh • CEO of BuildUp

Energetic challenge

We at BuildUp are convinced that the construction sector can have a positive impact on the human and ecological challenges that lie ahead. We need to change the way we build, prioritize the renovation and the improvement of existing buildings. 

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis, and the geopolitical stakes are forcing leaders to find fast, effective solutions. 

Solving housing problems has become a social issue, driven by short-term European objectives and national renovation plans.

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Target of zero-energy buildings from EU
of global CO2 comes from the built environment
43 million​
homes need to be renovated before 2050
82 million
Europeans overburdened by housing costs

To meet its 2030 climate target and, above all, achieve climate neutrality by 2050, the EU needs to tackle the energy consumption of the construction sector very quickly and on a large scale, to achieve complete decarbonization of the construction sector at all levels.

The sector also needs to focus on in-depth renovations that will improve housing in the long term. However, the sector is currently in crisis, and we're not moving fast enough. If Europe is to meet its target, we need to increase the pace of renovations to around 6,000 a day, which is impossible today. 

The only solution would be to use only off-site construction.

Discover the BuildUp method for in-depth energy renovation.

Off-site construction

Today, off-site construction must be considered the "new normal" in the construction world, for reasons of efficiency, cost control, materials and ecological considerations. 

At BuildUp, we've made it a point of honor to build and renovate using this method right from the start of our adventure.

We build your walls and roofs in our factory in Belgium. Prefabricated panels are custom-built following a building survey by our team of experts and our state-of-the-art digital technology.

With off-site construction, you save time on site with fast, efficient installation. There are no more surprises on site, which can lead to cost increases, material shortages and schedule delays. 

In a nutshell: off-site renovation means..:

Increase efficiency

20-40% faster construction time with less impact on the area.

Increase quality

Digitalization from the beginning- BIM - scan of the building

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce waste by up to 90% and carbon emission by up to 50%

Solve lack of qualified labour force

Fewer people on site and a better organization.


After a preliminary analysis of the project with customers and partners, the BuildUp team begins by studying the building(s) in detail. We start with an analysis of the building's current conditions in terms of energy consumption and potential for improvement.

We can then propose and estimate the project before starting to scan, design, create, produce and deliver the panels.


We digitize the building with a point cloud that generates millions of data points and converts any object into a 3D digital model with the same measurements and conditions as the real thing. This enables the team of architects and engineers to detail the composition of walls and roofs according to the calculated specifications, and then create precise plans.


Once the design has been completed on computer and on plan, it's time for final approval. Our teams, together with their partners and all those involved in the project, must give their final approval. 

The components are then manufactured off-site, in our factory. From interior insulation to facade cladding, each part undergoes rigorous quality control. 

Once the panels are finished, they are carefully packed into our trucks and ready for delivery to the site.


Once the components have arrived on site, our team of professionals or our partners and experts take charge of installing the facades, roofs and walls produced.

Thanks to production off-site, it y no surprise on site. Everything has already been calculated. No hidden costs, no weather-related downtime and no need for extra manpower. 

The assembly deadline is always respected.


The Energiesprong program was created by the Dutch government in 2010. Its aim is to accelerate the energy renovation of existing buildings to make them zero-energy buildings. This means they can produce all their own energy needs for heating, hot water and electricity.

The Energiesprong model improves the energy efficiency and indoor comfort of new and existing buildings through the application of several criteria. And at BuildUp, we're very keen to be part of the Energiesprong mission. It's the perfect match for us :)

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