This is BuildUp

Introducing offsite construction for untold speed and reliability. With state of the art materials and a talented team. Using digitalisation to bring flawless precision to every design.

Let's make a positive
impact for a change!

When we say we're reconstructing construction for good, we mean it. What gets us out of bed every day, is knowing we're building a better and more sustainable planet for all of us.

Revolutionizing the way Europe knows construction

More quality housing. Faster and more sustainable. With a lower carbon footprint and less waste. But without losing creative freedom. Sounds like a dream? Sounds like what we're doing with offsite construction: a great new way of building.

“We will build houses like we build cars. Less room for error, more control over quality, and a thousand times more efficient.”

Hélène de Troostembergh • CEO

A great mission.
Even greater ambitions.

We'd love to make our mark on Europe. And we will. Project by project, partner by partner, production site by production site.

More than 500 finished projects

From steel frame structures to complete offsite construction. And we're always on the lookout for the next project or challenge. Together with trusted partners, we're excited to build our experience.

We are delivering in Belgium and France, while taking our first steps and actively looking for partners in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

If we want to be sustainable, we need to be as local as possible. That's why we cater to areas of maximum 500 km around our factories.

Partners with the
same goals.

Making a change can't be done alone. We need allies. Trusted partners who believe in our goals and deliver with the same standards as we do. Together, we can reconstruct construction.

Want to become a partner?

We're always looking for a +1. Are you intrigued by our story and would you love to share our mission? Perhaps you're interested in becoming a certified partner.

The Certified Partner Program

A motivated start-up with
entrepreneurial experience.

BuildUp is a fast-growing start-up, built on the foundations laid by the family of entrepreneurs. Driven by innovation and in constant development since 2015.


The first ideas around building with light steel framing started popping up. We gathered key opinion experts around light steel framing and bought our first machine.


To build smart houses you need smart people. So we assembled our tech team, and the company beSteel was fully launched.


Our first house comes out of the factory. Built in one day. One. Day


BuildUp is introduced to the public. Ready to disrupt the future of construction with passion, experience and a talented team.

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