Imagine changing
the way we build.

That's exactly what we do. Introducing offsite construction with hybrid systems.

Bye bye, building brick by brick

How we build houses has been the same for years. Decades even. Bringing materials to a site and starting from scratch. It's what we all know. But it's a cumbersome process with little wiggle room. Time for a change!

Say hi to hybrid systems.

Basically, BuildUp manufactures the pieces of your house in a factory. From the load-bearing skeleton to the finishes. With hybrid systems combining wood, steel and concrete. Measuring every production phase and every material to a tee.

Constructed off-site. Completely automated.

Off-site construction changes up the construction process. In our controlled production space, we deliver a high-quality product time and time again.

60% less time on site.

Up to 60% faster construction time compared to traditional construction methods. Moved to the site all at once and swiftly put into place. Production and assembly are done in house avoiding delays thanks to controlled working conditions. With BuildUp you chose for a fast and accurate assembly on-site.

Building faster,
stronger, better.

A streamlined process saves a great amount of time, as well as transport and labour costs. That means more resources for quality control. Our technology makes sure all the components of a building are made to fit and work perfectly together. Ensuring a higher quality product.

Lifetime guarantee

BuildUp guarantees you a building that's:

  • Strong as steel
  • High in acoustic comfort
  • High in energy standards
  • Excellent in inside air quality
  • In accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle
  • Fire resistant and incombustible

Our promise
to you

Offsite construction for untold speed and reliability. With state-of-the-art materials and a talented team. Using digitalization to bring flawless precision to every design and architectural diversity.

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