Imagine changing
the way we build.

That's exactly what we do. Introducing offsite construction with hybrid systems.

Building a better tomorrow starts today.

Sustainability is our core belief. The foundation we build on. It's why we produce in one place, reducing waste and transport. And why we work with materials that make a difference, not an impact. Better for the planet, for you, your kids and their kids' kids.

Construction puts the stain in sustainability.

50% of the earth's resources go to construction and 30% of all CO2 emissions come from construction and buildings.

Mind. Boggling. Numbers. It's up to us to make them go down. Way down.

Aiming for zero waste.

Our production process has a great sustainable advantage. Because everything is calculated, we're sure we're not using more than is necessary. So we know every resource we use, is used with a purpose.

And much lower emissions.

We're working hard on using less polluting, low-carbon materials. And then using trucks to drive those materials to building sites every day? Not at BuildUp. Or at least, as little as possible! Cutting the average use of transport per house by 60%.

For a healthy house, easy to monitor.

With the advanced techniques of today, it's possible to follow up the energy consumption and the need for maintenance of any house we build. That way, we can prevent energy losses instead of curing them.

Sustainability is the starting point of everything we do. Because we need to do better for the planet. Every house we build will be digital logbook proof.

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