in Lille (FR)

Two groups of schools, in total 6 buildings will be energetically renovated with our Retrofit solution.

Through off-site construction we ensure minimal disturbance to the students. Our insulated walls and roofs are placed during the months July and August. 

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in Roubaix (FR) 

An EnergieSprong FR Renovation of 32 R+3 collective buildings, a first in France. BuildUp provided them with prefab facades and roofs.  

Our goal is to provide them with a climate jacket and make their energy equal to zero so they can generate as much energy as they use for the next 25 years. 

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in Wattrelos (FR)

BuildUp transforms 160 energy dwelling buildings into energy=0 housing, providing them offsite produced panels and roofs. 

We are proud to be part of the biggest EnergieSprong projects, approaching their E=0 principle.

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Totalfit - LPW offices 

in Aarschot (BE)

BuildUp built completely offsite produced walls and floors, for a quick project flow.

The building has a façade, installed in our factory made from Fibre cement boards, wooden façade, and an intensive green façade. 

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Totalfit - 6 prefab houses 

in Wingerstraat (BE)

BuildUp builds houses from the internal structures to the finishes. Our first Totalfit project we built is in Wingerstraat. 

It contains 4 houses built in 2019,  also 2 more houses are being build and will be finished in 2023.

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Totalfit - CBCI LivingLab


For the project Circular Bio-based Construction Industry (CBCI), BuildUp cooperates with Interreg and the contractor Vanhout to stimulate the circular economy and more sustainable material use.

In accordance with circular principles, the building will test its dismountability and be moved from the campus after a 5 year stay. 

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