Wattrelos Project: Energy=0 Retrofit (video)

30 september 2022 in
Wattrelos Project: Energy=0 Retrofit (video)

A large scale renovation of 153 occupied houses to make them energy efficient.                                                                                One of the largest ENERGIESPRONG projects in Europe. 

Through retrofitting, we covered the existing houses with offsite produced facades and roofs: 

  •    Walls composed of internal airtight membrane, insulation, facade cladding, windows, and doors. 

  •    Roofs composed of insulation, roofing and solar panels.

  •    Including engineering, digital construction and transport. 

Now these houses are done losing energy left and right. We cut heat loss, power compositions and carbon emissions, giving those who live in them a breather on their energy budget. 

Learn more about the construction process of the project in the video below: