Retrofit - In Roubaix (FR)

BuildUp continues acting on the EnergieSprong approach, by Retrofitting a 32 (R+3) collective buildings project, a first in France! We provided them with prefab facades and roofs that will also be covered with prefabricated insulating panels. Our goal is to make the 32 buildings energy zero, so that they produce as much as energy as they consume for the next 25 years. Which tacles the big problem of energy loss in Europe. 

Project: Rehabilitation of 32 collective buildings. 

Location: In Roubaix (FR).

Surface delivered: 1551 m² facades. 

Programme: EnergieSprong. 

BuildUp product: Retrofit. 

Partners: Vilogia, Septalia, ALTEREA, AIP, DUJARDIN and Pouchain SAS.