Totalfit - Wingestraat 

BuildUp builds houses from the internal structures to the finishes. Our first Totalfit project we built is in Wingerstraat, and it contains 4 houses built in 2019, also 2 more houses are being build and will be finished in 2023. The façade is executed in brick slips without seams, we produced a free span roof 7.5 m, without any HRS. Living space on +1. Excellent acoustic results so sleep is guarantied on +0. We also provided a house separating wall according fire regulations. 

Project: 6 prefabricated new houses.

Location: In Wingerstraat - Tielt Winge (BE)

Surface: 235 m² each house

BuildUp product: Totalfit.

End costumer: Hepimmo. 

Main Contractor: BuildUp