Totalfit - CBCI LivingLab (BE)

For the project Circular Bio-based Construction Industry (CBCI), BuildUp cooperates with Interreg and the contractor Vanhout to stimulate the circular economy and more sustainable material use. A real-life case example is built on the faculty site. In accordance with circular principles, the building will test its demountability and be moved from the campus after a 5 year stay. The building is a case study and test location for research on the characteristics of demountable bio-based houses - from the comfort of its user to the effect on climate change - and as a prototype building for circular and bio-based construction, it serves as a stimulating case for innovation focusing on an urban environment.

Project: Dismountable and bio-based family house

Location: In Ghent (BE).

BuildUp product: Totalfit. 

Partners: Vanhout, BuildUp, Ku Leuven, Kamp C, LitoBox, BuildWise, University of Bath, Renson, Avans University, Agrodome, University of Applied Sciences, Provincie Zeeland.