Retrofit - In Lille (FR)

Energy Retrofitting of 2 groups of schools for a total of 9000 m2 of walls and roofs. School buildings in Lille will be brought to an E = 0 level of consumption according to the EnergieSprong FR specifications. The renovation is being carried out on an occupied site. Thanks to BuildUp's offsite construction we ensure minimal disturbance to the students. Our insulated walls and roofs are placed during the months July and August from 2023 - 2025. Increased use of circular and bio sourced materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Project: Energetic renovation of 6 school buildings. 

Location: In Lille (FR).

Surface to be delivered: 9,000 m² of roofs and walls.

Programme: EnergieSprong.

BuildUp product: Retrofit.

Client: Ville de Lille

Partners: ENERGELIO, EQUANS, Dujardin Vincent, SAS MANING, Energiesprong FR, Face b, BuildUp