Retrofit - In Lille (FR)

Energy Retrofitting of 2 groups of Schools for a total of 3800 m2 of roofs and 5000 m2 of walls. Total of 6 buildings that will be brought to an E = 0 level of consumption according to the EnergieSprong FR specifications. The renovation is being carried out on an occupied site. Thanks to BuildUp's off-site construction we ensure minimal disturbance to the students. Our insulated walls and roofs are placed during the months July and August from 2023 - 2025. Increased use of circular and bio sourced materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Project: Energetic renovation of 6 school buildings. 

Location: In Lille (FR).

Surface to be delivered: 3,800 m²  of roofs and 5000 m² of walls.

Programme: EnergieSprong.

BuildUp product: Retrofit.

Client: Ville de Lille

Partners: Axima Concept, Dujardin Vincent, INEO HAUTS DE FRANCE, bureau faceB, ENERGELIO, SAS MANING